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For many years, the maritime industry standard for 50-ohm coaxial cables has predominantly been the Times Microwave LMR brand, mainly LMR-400, and LMR-600 types depending on the length of the cable run. Today there are many comparison cables on the market which vary in quality and are widely manufactured in the Far East. Connectoroo’s CR brand of cables have been extensively tested to ensure the highest standard of quality and have used the benchmark LMR brand as the reference. With many samples and months of tests, our CR brand of cables provides the best possible quality with a much lower price tag. To illustrate the comparison of the two widest selling cables on the market, LMR-400 and LMR-600, the below results show the performance characteristics of their CR-400 and CR-600 cables respectively:


LMR-400 Vs. CR-400

CR-400 - LMR-400

CR-400 performance shown to perform 0.5dB better than LMR-400 at higher frequencies.


LMR-600 Vs. CR-600

CR-600 - LMR-600

These tests were carried out at a test range of 30MHz to 2500MHz with a test length of 100m and it is clear to see that the level of performance is very similar and at higher frequencies, the CR-400 cable has an improvement of 0.5dB over the LMR-400 which at higher amplitudes, can be an important factor for performance.

Both types of cables are also available in Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) types with their CR-400-LSZH and CR-600-LSZH cables which are certified to Fire Safety Regulations IEC 60332-1-2 and IEC 61034-2 which are important regulations to meet vertical flame propagation and smoke density limitations. Comparison cables are sometimes referred to as Fire Resistant or FR labeled products.

To complement the range of cables provided, connectoroo.com also provide the correct connectors and tools which can often be difficult to find when ordering online. With their easy to navigate platform, you can ensure that each connector is correct and that you have the correct tool for the job.

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  • Well said. LMR is a strong brand but there are many other brands out there with better performance at cheaper prices. Well documented!

    David Stephens on

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